Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Computer E-Scrap!

 Welcome back! In this post i'll explain what Computer E-scrap is and the best way to sell it.

 First of all, E-scrap is just another word for electronic waste. E-Scrap consists of computers, laptops, televisions, cellphones and any other electronics . But in my opinion, the most expensive E-Scrap are in computer desktops, laptops, and cellphones. Now if you have access to a lot of these items you are sitting on a gold mine, literally! That is because computers, laptops, and cellphones have a lot of gold content in them. Now to get the most out of your E-Scrap, you'll need eBay, you will get the best prices if you sell your E-Scrap on eBay in bulk, you can sell your E-Scrap to scrap yards, but eBay buyers will definitely pay you way more.  Here's what's inside them with the most value.

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High Grade Boards
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  •  These are the motherboards in desktops and laptops, they are worth money because of their gold content. They have PCI boards which are the gold fingered cards that is plugged into motherboards. You can sell these mixed with the PCI Boards for a lot of money. 20 Pounds of it can get you around 100$! 

PCI Boards
  • These are the gold fingered cards plugged into the motherboard, you can cut off the gold fingers and sell it separately to maximize your profits and throw the rest in with the motherboards.  

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 Gold Fingers
  • This is the gold protruding out the PCI Boards which can be cut and sold separately these sell for A LOT! I've seen one pound of these go for 50$ PLUS.

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  • Ram is the data for your CPU, it has gold plated connectors, check to see if it works for it can sell for 15$ for just 2 pieces, if not you can sell it in bulk, a pound can go for 10$-15$. 

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  • Also known as the Central Processing Unit, it is usually always under some type of heat sink, gold is inside the cpu, on the fingers, and sometimes on the top. These can be worth a lot if you have it in bulk, but it all depends on what kind of CPU's you got. For example, a pound of Pentium 4 CPU's can get you around 20$, but 5 Pentium Pro's can get you around 100$! 

Hard Drives
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  • Every laptop or desktop should have a hard drive, it has 2 strong neodymium magnets in them, it has a stainless steel top, and a small high grade board, and a very small amount of platinum in the hard drive platter. You can take out the high grade boards and throw it in with your motherboards and PCI boards or you can sell it as is for about 50 cents a pound and they usually weigh around 1.5 pounds each. 
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Heat Sinks

  • The heat sinks are usually always above the CPU covering it, it comes in all shapes and sizes. it's usually made of high grade copper or high grade aluminum sometimes brass.

 When you sort your computer E-Scrap you should put it into 6 main piles, and this is how you should sell it by each pile category. Here should be your main piles .

  • 1.) CPU Pile - Throw all your CPU here
  • 2.) RAM Pile - Throw all your RAM here
  • 3.) High Grade Boards - Throw your PCI boards, motherboards, and the high grade boards inside your hard and disk drives here
  • 4.) Gold Fingers - Cut off the gold fingers from the PCI boards and make a gold fingers pile
  • 5.) Drives Pile - Throw your disk and hard drives into another pile. You can take out the high grade boards inside them to throw into pile number 3, or just sell them as is.
  • 6.) Other - You can throw your heat sinks, power supply, transformers and the steel case into this pile, throw your heatsink with your copper or aluminum collection depending what your heatsink was made of, and you can further scrap your power supply for copper or just sell it as is.
 Once you've sorted out your E-scrap you can sell it. You can sell your piles of E-Scrap to a scrapyard, but I strongly recommend selling it on eBay because you will, no doubt, get way more money for it. The only item you should sell to a scrapyard is pile #6. I always check how much pounds of each pile category sells for on eBay before I list it, because it will give me a good idea of a Buy It Now price, but I recommend putting it as an auction for you will probably attract more buyers when you set the auction price low, therefore getting better prices. Now if you want you can mix these piles if you a low volume in each pile, i've seen people on eBay do this and get a decent price for it.

     Well this was my little definition of computer E-Scrap, remember selling your computer E-Scrap in bulk will usually get you way more money, and check if it works because of course it will sell more if it works. And your best tool for selling E-Scrap will be eBay! eBay will always get you the best prices guaranteed. I hope this post helped you. Goodbye and Happy Scrapping!


    1. just wanna comment .the power supplys if disassembles are well worth it .they cont a electric motor ,a couple transformers and a pair of aluminum heats sinks and the wireing .if wou separate them you get way more money

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    3. I have some friends who seem to have been collecting computers since they were first invented. They are just collecting dust in an extra room in their house. They could probably make some decent money off of them. I might just ask if I can take them all off their hands. Thanks for your blog post!

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