Thursday, July 21, 2011

Selling Scrap Metal

 Welcome back! In this post i'll teach you how to sell your scrap metal to maximize your profits.


 So by now you should probably have collected a lot of scrap metal, the next step is to sell it. Sounds easy right? Well it is, but there are some tricks on how to get the most money out of your scrap metal.

 The first thing you need to do is sort your scrap metal. Separate your metals into ferrous and non-ferrous piles, ferrous is latin for iron, which basically means iron and non iron scrap piles. Some examples ferrous metals are steel and iron, and some non ferrous metals are copper and aluminum. An easy way to sort these out faster is to get a magnet, whatever doesn't stick is non-ferrous and whatever sticks is ferrous.

 Once you've separated your metals, sort them out even more by sub-categorizing them. For example, put all the copper into one pile and all the steel into one pile and so on. By doing this you maximize your profits even further. It might be hard at first, but once you start doing it more you'll have more experience and start sorting it way quicker, it will be like common sense.

 Now you've got everything all organized, it's time to sell it! Before selling your scrap, you should call your local or give them a visit and ask them questions, the more questions the better. Ask them which metals they take, how much they buy each metals for, and what are their standards and procedures are.

 So now your 100% prepared and ready to make some money, take note when you go sell scrap at the scrapyard they might or might not ask for identification. Some states by law, require this to look out for metal theft. Next, they will weigh your scrap metal and probably give you a ticket which says what type of metals you brought in and the quantity, and you bring it to the payout window and get paid! And remember no taxes taken out your pay!

 Once you get that satisfaction of selling your first scrap metals and get your stacks of cash, I hope it motivates you to sell more scrap metal or have more respect towards scrapping! You don't have to stick to just scrapping metal, you can scrap bottles, cardboard, cans and much more, if you have plenty of access to these materials, might of well sell it right? You just need to find the right buyer, as you did for the scrap metals.

 All in all, I hope these steps helped you getting started in scrapping, to be successful you have to stay committed, whenever you see scrap metal don't drive past it, pick it up! Search for auctions for great deals on scrap, tell everyone you scrap so they can give you their scrap, once you've mastered this, your career in scrapping, or even if its a side job, will be a major success! Welcome to the scrapping community and happy scrapping everyone! :)

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  1. My brother has been trying for the last couple days to figure out what to do with the pile of scrap metal in his basement. I think it'd be pretty nice if he could find a place to take it all and sell it. I know he could use the money right now, especially with Christmas being right around the corner.
    Keara |