Monday, July 18, 2011

The Scrap Metal Business

 To start off, the business of scrapping metal is actually very lucrative, some people even make a living off this. Depending how good you are, you could be making 50$ a day, or 1000$ in an hour! Like they say, one person's trash is another person's treasure.

 You might be thinking to yourself, there is a lot of other things I could do to be making money, why scrap metal? That is a good question, but there are endless reasons of why you should scrap metal. One reason is your helping the environment by recycling scrap metal and your community by taking their scrap metals! What could better than making money and helping the environment and your community?

 Scrap metal has been the biggest export in North America for the past 5 through 10 years. It gained popularity because of the increased demands for based metals. Around the year 2000 you could sell copper for around 40 cents a pound, now copper goes for about $4.00 a pound, that's a  %1000 increase! And it's likely to go up again in these upcoming years.

 Now lets talk money. How many times have you walked past a piece of scrap metal in your life? What if you picked up every single scrap metal that you've come across before, and sold it. Think of how much money you would have made! Oh, and an extra perk, there's no taxes taken out of your paycheck. If you had a truck and worked full time you could be making $40,000 a year, and if you just need side cash working part time you could easily be making $10,000 a year,  that's about $170 a week added to your paycheck.

 The thought of scrapping metal might sound difficult at first, but really it is really simple. All there is to it is collecting scrap metal and selling it. The more metal you have the more money you get for it, sound easy enough? Some metals sell more than other metals, here are some of the common ones.

Some of the cheaper metals are steel and iron.
Some of the more expensive ones are aluminum and zinc.
And some of the really expensive ones are Copper, Nickel, and Tungsten.

 To sum it all up, scrapping metal is a very good and legit business if you get into it. You help the environment and make some money along with it. ^_^

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